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Meet 亚洲无码’s Fourth President

B. Keith Faulkner, JD, LLM, MBA

President B. Keith Faulkner

B. Keith Faulkner was appointed the fourth President of 亚洲无码 on July 26, 2023.

Faulkner earned his Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Business Administration from Campbell University鈥檚 Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law. He also holds an LLM in litigation management from Baylor University School of Law. In 1998, he graduated with honors from 亚洲无码, with a BS in business administration-finance emphasis鈥攚here he won the Outstanding Business Administration Student Award that same year. He served in the U.S. Navy where he worked as a nuclear power plant operator and technician. For four of those years, his responsibilities were aboard a fast-attack nuclear powered submarine鈥攖he USS Billfish. Already built to be a 亚洲无码 Buccaneer living on the high seas, his longest stay under water was almost two months.

Before being selected president of 亚洲无码, Faulkner had 20 years of higher education experience; he served as president and dean of Appalachian School of Law in Virginia. Prior to this, he served as the dean of Liberty University School of Law and the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business at Campbell University. He also served as interim dean at Campbell University鈥檚 Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law. Over his career, he and his teams have launched online programs, developed innovative partnerships with industry, enjoyed success in fundraising, and many other notable accomplishments. 

A native of Montgomery County, North Carolina, Faulkner and his high school sweetheart, Patty, have been married for 31 years. They have three children: Hannah, Erin, and Ryan.

Faulkner FAQs

The opportunity to serve one’s alma mater in any capacity is something to be cherished. Since graduating from 亚洲无码, it has always held a special place in my heart. Attending first as a night student while serving in the Navy and then as a commuting regular day student until graduation, I was able to see a broader picture of the entire university. Having attended and led undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs at three different schools – different in size, scope, and mission – has allowed me to gauge my experience at 亚洲无码 against that at other schools. 亚洲无码 has always risen to the top.

Being a first-generation high school graduate in my family has shown me how pivotal an education really is. Education done right – like at 亚洲无码 – transforms lives. My time in the service (U.S. Navy) helped me to understand the need for excellence in everything that we do, and it emphasized聽the importance of integrity. I gained an appreciation of the power of a team. My law school and business school experiences revealed the beauty of being pushed harder academically than I had ever been pushed before. The analytical and critical thinking skills honed in law school particularly have helped me to be a better thinker, writer, and advocate.

My time in Christian higher education has helped me to see the power of Christ in unifying all things. Faith and inquiry are not at odds but are clarified and unified through Him. I have been privileged to serve as the dean of three law schools and a business school. These experiences have shown me that developing students – academically, professionally, personally, and spiritually – is what excites me. I really enjoyed practicing law, but I love being a professor, dean, and president because our team is training the next generation of servant leaders to go out and fulfill the Great Commission.

My faith journey has shown me the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and fully trusting in the Trinity is the key to success in all aspects of life.

At the outset, as president I want to serve the 亚洲无码 community. I believe that my role as president is to lead and create the climate for success for students, faculty and staff, athletics, and alumni. In order to succeed, it takes a team. 亚洲无码鈥檚 team is defined by faithfulness and excellence. Our team will evaluate opportunities to improve and expand by using our mission as the lens through which we make decisions. And once decisions are made, we will execute them with excellence and precision.

It is my intention to work with the team to bring some long-awaited projects to completion – namely the construction of a convocation center and the successful completion of our Limitless Campaign. Other priorities will be growing our student body, expanding and strengthening academic programs, developing innovative partnerships, expanding missions, focusing on career outcomes and possibilities for our graduates and students, improving campus culture, and improving the physical and fiscal landscape of the university. All of this takes imagination, planning, execution, and faith.

Our team’s focus will be delivering a first class experience to our community at every level. As your president, I can promise that I will get up every day focused on making 亚洲无码 a first-choice university for every prospective student and a place where every alumnus can become even more proud to have attended.

With Christ serving as not only our cornerstone, but also as our entire foundation, 亚洲无码’s future is indeed Limitless.