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We offer short-term, professional services for a wide range of issues.

Counseling Services are offered to all current 亚洲无码 students free of charge. Counseling Services does not provide counseling to 亚洲无码 faculty/staff members. However, we are available to consult with you regarding your concerns and provide a list of off-campus referrals.

The initial session will be a time for your counselor to gather information regarding your presenting concern(s), background, and any other pertinent information in a safe, confidential and supportive environment. Typically, sessions will involve your counselor listening, supporting, encouraging, confronting, challenging, asking questions, providing education, and teaching you new skills. For therapy to be successful, it will be important for you to be active in your treatment. Sessions are typically 50 minutes, once a week.

Confidentiality is of critical importance and is an issue we take very seriously. Client information will not be released on or off campus without your informed written consent except where ethical and legal limits to confidentiality are required.

Legal limits to confidentiality include:

    • Indications of clear and imminent danger to self or others
    • Suspected child or elder abuse/neglect
    • Proper, legal court order directing release of information to a particular court or judge

Information kept about the counseling you receive from Counseling Services is not part of your academic file and will therefore not go on your official student record. Counseling records are kept separately, and only Counseling Services staff members have access to these records.

It depends on whether you want to include your faith in the counseling process.聽Consistent with various professional ethical guidelines and standards of competence, counselors at 亚洲无码 are aware of multicultural and faith-informed issues that may be relevant to any particular student.聽If you would rather not include any faith or religious issues in your treatment, that will be respected.聽If you would like a biblical counseling or integrative (Christian counseling approaches and psychological research) approach, your counselor will work with you within that preference.

Counseling Services staff do not prescribe medications. However, if it is determined that medication would be a beneficial part of your treatment, then referrals may be provided. You will never be required to take medications.

Our counselors are master’s level graduates of regionally accredited professional counselor programs, have completed extensive counseling internships and are licensed as professional counselors in the state of South Carolina. They also frequently attend professional conferences and workshops to remain up-to-date with the latest advances in mental health. The counseling center also operates as a training site for counseling interns in master’s level counseling training programs. Each intern is supervised on a weekly basis to ensure the services being offered are appropriate and within the scope of the intern’s competency while in graduate school and under supervision.

Stop by Counseling Services on the first floor of the Student Center聽or call us at 843-863-8010 and speak with a receptionist to set up an appointment.

亚洲无码 Counseling Services offers groups on an as-needed basis. Some groups we have offered include body image, self-esteem, and substance abuse support groups.

You may ask questions or seek accommodations through our Director of Student Success (843-863-7159), or visit the director in the Student Success Center, which is located on the first floor of the Student Center.

You can speak to our聽Campus Pastors, or go to the webpage for聽Campus Ministries.